Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Wish I Could Read Again For The First Time

I continue to write my Top Ten Tuesday posts in English. This week the theme is «Books I Wish I Could Read Again For The First Time». I have read most of these books in Norwegian or Swedish, but the links lead you to so you can see the English versions of them.  I admit that there is a lot of Scandinavian crime on the list:

*Jo Nesbø’s «The Redbreast» – in my opinion the best of his crime novels. Well, in fact I wish I could read all of Nesbø’s books again for the first time… They are fantastic!

*Khaled Hosseini’s «A Thousand Splendid Suns». What a wonderful and also tragic book. I remember I cried when I read it.

*Johan Theorin’s «The Darkest Room». Theorin’s book are maybe a different kind of crime novels, but I love them!

*Anne B. Ragde’s «Berlin Poplars». The first book in a trilogy about…well, let us call it a dysfunctionall Norwegian family.

*Philippa Gregory’s «The Other Boleyn Girl». I read this book about Anne Boleyn’s sister Mary recently, and I like it. I really do…

*Alison Weir’s «The Lady In The Tower – The Fall Of Anne Boleyn». What can I say? I love reading about the Tudor period…

*Sofi Oksanen’s «Purge». About two women in Estonia, their own shameful pasts and the dark history that binds them. Fascinating!

*Arnaldur Indridason’s «Arctic Chill». Icelandic Indridason is one of my favourites. I recommend his crime novels!

*Thomas Enger’s «Burned». A new Norwegian crime novel. Try it…

*Henning Mankell’s «One Step Behind». Never a list without Kurt Wallander. I love Mankell’s books.

3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Wish I Could Read Again For The First Time

  1. Jeg skulle også gjerne lest Rødstrupe på nytt, den var så utrolig spennende! Ragde-trilogien også, men den tror jeg det går an å lese flere ganger med stort utbytte.

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